- I'm a company Founder, food, beverage, sneakers, iconic brand builder, Cancer Survivor (Dr. gave me 12 weeks ..still here), Indiana Jones adventurer, active mind, active body, former competitive runner now Peloton obsessed, was on Letterman, front of Forbes.com, sports junkie, last Baseball fan on earth, Sundance 12x ...and exhausted political junkie

- I believe french fries are THE most critical element for all successful companies. That takes explanation

- I've slept one night in all 50 States. Forget the Trevi Fountain, nothing beats North Dakota. I'll tell you the last state and the best stories

 - I broke up with "Alexa"....now she only plays Kenny G and I'm late to work

My thoughts are as useful as the stuff in the back of a desk drawer, although that Starbucks gift card from three years ago has money on it, so maybe not as useful

My career storyboard includes a film with robots and cars (NAME), part of early and powerful team that built the energy bar category (NAME), sponsored Italy when they won the World Cup as head of Sports Marketing at (NAME), Brand Director at CPG that has a lot of bubbles (NAME) and built another company/brand from my kitchen to 32 states and 10,000 stores (NAME)

Pepsi/ Gatorade

I know what's its like to be a Founder

On digital detox a lot

Instagram: @imetdan

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Aug 06, 2021
Aug 06, 2021
 Peloton obsessed, worked in new Podcast, game changing, my  #1 Collaborator is my little daughter
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