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Dan Kim

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👋 Hi, I'm Dan. I'm an Engineering Manager and an Android Developer at heart.

Currently I'm leading a team of 7 Android engineers on a Foundational UI team, working to improve developer happiness and velocity when building UI on Twitter for Android. I'm primarily responsible for short and long term strategic planning, consistent and well-executed delivery, and most importantly, ensuring that our people and teams are healthy and taken care of.

Most of my recent experience prior to Twitter lies in Android development directly. I've primarily been an Android engineer as an individual contributor over the past 8 years or so, so I'm intimately familiar with the Android developer space. And while I've transitioned into the engineering management track, I still genuinely enjoy developing for the platform (though I haven't done much of it recently!), and am in particular a big support of the broader Android community and helping in whatever way I can.

If you'd like to talk about Android development in general, participating in a developer community, engineering management, or pretty much anything at all, hit me up!
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