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Dara Songye

  • @darasongye
  • Inner Life Artisan · Coach · Guide · Founder
  • Northern California

Urgent, life transformative moments reveal the truth of our creativity and character.

I guide, coach, and support uncommon tech innovators through these unusual, critically sensitive moments, toward · inner life · success and deeper wellbeing.

Working with tech startups and founders since 2015 – in multiple past-life roles – unveiled the nuance, sensitivity and nerve-shattering roller coaster ride leaders navigate daily. I often found myself "unofficially" coaching teammates and founders in moments of uncertainty and chaos, and repeatedly witnessed their relief, shifts and growth, even if my contribution was invisible.

My approach is as a catalyzing support, guide, and vessel to expand space for what must be revealed, resolved, or released.

The work we do together is rooted in strategic and tactical coaching methodologies I've lived, learned and created, paired with direct intuitive guidance.

I coach from the view of honoring the masculine dignity within men, and the feminine grace within women. These polarities are of a cosmic design, and form the root of how I exist in my personal and professional life as a woman.

Personal values I live by

Grace is the medicine.
Joy is the protection.
Polarity is beautiful.
Love matters most.

As a 20+ year · practitioner · of mindfulness training and meditation, in the Buddhist tradition, these values equally root and nourish how I serve in the world.

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Email · dara@unstruck.ventures
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