Dara Songye
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  • Life Coach · Founder · Inner Life Artisan
  • Northern California

Innovative tech professionals who have been marked as "poor performers" in the corporate work space are who I go to bat for.

My work is to help clients shift from identifying [and letting others finalize them] as a "poor performer" into fully owning and working through their documented "weaknesses" [and often ignored strengths] toward generating a new vigor for work itself.

From this place they can choose how they desire to structure, execute, and express what I call "positional dominion."

My coaching approach

  • Direct
  • Immersive
  • Exploratory
  • Strategic
  • Somatically-focused [body-based]

Personal values I live by

Grace is the medicine.

Joy is the protection.

Polarity is beautiful.

Love matters most.

Reach out 💎

If you're a driven tech innovator who has recently received a "poor performance" review, let's connect. I'm here to dig in with you.

If you're a phenomenal leader in the tech + software innovation sectors seeking coaching support for a member of your team who has been marked as a "poor performer", I'm also here to help.

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Email · dara@unstruck.ventures

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Oct 2020 - Present

Principal Coach, Unstruck Ventures