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I'm just your local friendly neighborhood Hansel. You know the one that loves the full stack development, datascience, automation, game dev, and the niche topic of humanistic approaches of science through emerging tech? Yes! I'm also a huge extroverted human that also loves hiking, rock climbing, gaming, and often volunteers to contribute to projects for social good one commit at a time. I absolutely love growing and fostering communities.

aka @hansel.rocks (follow me on threads) because it's the trendy place and all Okay... you got me... I don't really talk like that -

I'm actually only at my quarter life crisis (just like microservices that break apart what could be monolithic applications, there's microgenerations and I'm deemed a zillennial). I started and fall in love with software engineering when I was 5 years old and have been a polyglot programmer ever since. My biggest dreams are from making a positive social impact with my code and the tech around us. I enjoy learning about new languages and cultures. (but I know you're more interested about my code, so I'll tell you that some of my favorite programming languages include Python, Lua, C++, C#, SwiftLang, Kotlin, Java, Bash, and Typescript).

My current areas of focus are in developer experience, interdiciplinary emerging tech, 1:1 mentoring / coaching, non-profit social good projects, and building solutions around OpenTelemetry for my day job. Lately, I've been getting into more involvement in open source, building communities surrounding my hobbies, and diving deep into governance and building communities of practice for developer experience engineering. :)

Signing this commit,

~ Hansel Wei <hello@hanselwei.dev>

P.S. Always remember that "with great power comes great responsibility."

Find me @ hansel.run, then connect with me via your nearest social media network. DMs are always open.

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