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Andrea Lathrop

  • @data
  • MA, Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Interested in Cognitive Science, Data Analysis, Experimental Psychology, Eye Movements and Machine Learning. Particularly curious about deep learning and other algorithms informed by infant cognitive development, multi-modal perception, and cross-modal skill acquisition, such as hand-eye coordination.

Master's in Brain & Cognitive Sciences from University of Rochester with a focus in Developmental Cognition and Visual Statistical Learning. Formerly: (Aslin) Rochester Infant Lab, Center for Visual Science.

I have used and supported dozens of commercial and prototype eye trackers, eye-tracking hardware, and gaze-tracking analysis software. (In fact, if you have an old ASL gathering dust, I can probably get it working for you.)

Other interests include: Photography, Screenwriting, Technical Writing, Computer Programming, Video Editing, Reading, Sailing... (none of which I've yet added to the profile below.)
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