David Coffman
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I am the blue-collar desk jockey. Growing up in a very blue-collar family and following in those footsteps for a lot of my career and ultimately evolving into the guy behind the monitor.

I am an experienced metal fabricator and designer focused towards commercial and industrial areas. I’ve gotten involved in the engineering and design field about 10 years ago bringing my hands on building experience to the keyboard.

I am a transplanted northerner that refuses to leave the south! There’s a term, and if you’re a southern born, you’ll know it!

I’ve got interests in so many areas, topics, and disciplines that it’s hard to say I am just one thing. I love metal fabrication, engineering, construction, architecture, and even marketing (to a smaller degree). I am a product of my experiences and fascinations. Really anything to do with creating, designing, or building something.

All in – I’m going to say I’m sort of awesome in a lot of areas, and still improving in many more. Located in the beautiful state of Arkansas; specifically the greater Northwest area (see also, “The next Dallas”)

If you’re in or traveling through the Northwest Arkansas area, and have some time, shoot me a message; always looking to network with others!

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Jan 2023 - Present

Founder | Daedalus Co. - 3D CAD Designer, Self-employed