David Harris
  • @davidharris
  • I'm the co-founder of The Prismatic Company, building the future of creator tools.
  • Seattle
  • He/Him

I'm building The Prismatic Company to help creators get more value for their effort. Instant publishing and new AI tools make it easier than ever to flood our digital spaces with low quality, low effort content.

When the internet is littered with low-effort content, everyone loses. Quality content is buried under a sea of SEO listicles and search engines aren't up to the task of cutting through the noise. I mean, have you Googled anything lately?

I'm working with creators to build a new generation of creation apps that will turn the tide back in their favor. Creating is hard work already. Creators should get more for that effort.

Agree or disagree, my DMs are open. (Email: david@prismatic.org)

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Aug 2023 - Present

Co-Founder, The Prismatic Company

Apr 2023 - Present

Founder and Learning Architect, learnto.ai

Oct 2021 - Jan 2023

Senior Product Manager, Karat

Jan 2021 - Oct 2021

Lead Product Manager, Pie Systems