David Matousek
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  • Director, Cybersecurity Product Manager | Mobile and IoT Engineer
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Writing my first program in Basic on my parents Apple II got me hooked on computer programming. Being part of a high preforming team, which built the first stock trading iPad application for Bank of America, made me want to pass my experience and passion on to other teams.  Building multiple product lines taught me to use my experience and passion at scale and to build culture.

As an engineer, I became passionate about integrating technology into everyday items. On my first iPhone, I was compelled to build applications to solve everyday problems.  I was driven to find new ways of architecting interactions with new mediums such as touch and speech.  I’m still excited to see “what’s next” every day.

The experience of being part of a high preforming development team created a need to recreate this in every team that I work with.  I accomplished this through advocation the use of agile principles and continuously delivery.  Seeing the results in people’s hands and measuring feedback in real time gives me the inspiration of what to build next.

Currently, as a senior manager of multiple product lines, I work to inspire teams to discover, build, and drive adoption. Each product I have worked on has been extremely different, but the skills to deliver remain the same.  Having confidence in the team and the process makes the experience fun and has built many lifelong friendships.  
 I’m passionate about building high performance teams by teaching engineers how to be more productive.  I believe that bringing passion and experience to teams produces a culture of greatness.   


David Matousek
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