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David Teren

  • @davidteren
  • Software Engineering Team Lead @ Prodigy Finance
  • Cape Town, South Africa
Former audio engineer & music producer turned developer.

I have a background of 25+ years in audio production, sound design and music production. Started back when we had to splice tape on reel-to-reel to edit.  I have also held product specialist positions for Creative Labs, Korg, Roland, Steinberg and other pro audio brands in Southern Africa. 
Yeah, I'm based in Cape Town, well just outside the city on the way to the winelands. 🍷 
I kinda fell into development while working on a solution for dynamic in-store radio adverts where the prices and products can be changed without the need to record. All that effort and soon AI will do a better job. 
Anyway, I fell in love with what can be done with scripting and coding and felt like I had a discovered my super power. A developer friend saw my new found passion and organised an interview at the company he was with and the rest is history.
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