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  • I turn your mail list into revenue
Email is the cheapest marketing channel.

But if you do it wrong, it will cost you money, time... and your reputation

  • Emails end up in spam or the promo box.
  • Or they are simply ignored. 
  • Pure focus on selling results in unhappy un-subscribers.
  • People love brands. Not promotions. 

I offer services from one-time optimization to managing your mail list

  • reactivating sleeping mail lists
  • migration to other mail marketing platforms
  • set-up email automation series (Welcome, Onboarding)
  • segment your audience so people only get emails about what they really care about
  • configuration of your mail marketing platform for a better delivery rate (less spam) 
  • increase the open rates of your mails so more people actually start reading and loving your story
  • boost your email capture proposal (lead magnets) and get rid of the boring "subscribe to our newsletter" 
  • create and outline an email strategy aligned with your goals
  • full management of your list, so you can focus on selling instead of thinking about what to send next
If you already have a list of subscribers, shoot me a message.

Together, we will turn your email list into loyal fans of your brand. 
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Jul 2011 - Present

Email Marketer | SEO Content & Copywriter , Alfapixel