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Right now, you can get in touch with me for a few things:
Beta testing new products
Giving resume feedback
+ more

David Zhang

  • @davidzhang
  • Transforming Life, Work, and Play through Technology
  • He/Him
  • Singapore
I'm available for
Beta testing new products
Giving resume feedback
New Client Inquiries
NFT projects
Speaking at Events
Making Introductions
Joining company boards
Advising companies
Speaking on podcasts
Guest lecturing
Participating in User Research
Partnering on Side Projects
Developing sites in Webflow
Developing websites
Open Source Contributions
Creating a design system
Designing brands
Designing clothing
Designing fonts
Designing homes
Designing logos
Designing pitch decks
Designing products
Design projects
Giving design crits
Giving design feedback
Giving pitch deck feedback
Giving portfolio feedback
Content Creation
Editing books
Instagram collaborations
Producing a Podcast
Producing a short film
Reviewing book proposals
Writing blog posts
Co-founding a company
Giving product reviews
Becoming a VC scout
Joining investment syndicates
Making angel investments
Making early stage investments
Making real estate investments
Advising early stage companies
Fractional executive roles
Fundraising for non-profits
Mock interviewing
Being a brand ambassador
Brand partnership
Brand strategy consulting
Email marketing consulting
Giving feedback on marketing copy
Organizing marketing campaigns
Planning digital ad campaigns
Providing sponsorships
Social media management
Social takeovers
Sponsoring content
Sponsoring events
Sponsoring newsletters
Joining DAOs
Giving book recommendations
Giving travel advice
Grabbing a coffee
Joining a book club
Joining Discords
Moderating clubs
Creating illustrations
Giving college application feedback
Peer editing
Sharing lesson plans
Practicing Chinese
Practicing Indonesian
Practicing French
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