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Fire Within Coaching, LLC is a personal development and empowerment company. We partner with clients to help them evaluate where they are, identify where they want to be, and develop an action plan to get there. We have a new podcast called "What lights you fire?". Through this podcast, we hope to introduce people around the world to each other that normally would never meet. It's the heart of our new community of humans that have found their passion and living it every day. We're hoping this podcast will spark some internal flames around the world.

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I'm open to
joining company boards,
participating in user research,
speaking at events,
speaking on podcasts,
giving resume feedback,
freelance roles,
advising companies,
partnering on side projects,
content creation,
appearing in music videos,
appearing in videos,
editing books,
live streaming,
producing a podcast,
producing a short film,
speaking on clubhouse,
speaking on twitter spaces,
streaming on twitch,
streaming on youtube,
tiktok collaborations,
youtube collaborations,
coaching founders,
co-founding a company,
giving product reviews,
fractional executive roles,
mock interviewing,
being a brand ambassador,
brand partnership,
brand strategy consulting,
giving feedback on marketing copy,
grabbing a coffee,
joining discords,
acting in a play,
acting in film,
beat submissions,
being an extra in a film or show,
giving music feedback,
melody loop submissions,
peer editing,
practicing yoga,
guest lecturing,
making introductions,
beta testing new products,
creating a design system,
designing brands,
designing products,
design projects,
giving design crits,
giving design feedback,
giving pitch deck feedback,
giving portfolio feedback,
reviewing book proposals,
writing blog posts,
giving fundraising advice,
teaching entrepreneurship,
advising early stage companies,
advising late stage companies,
fundraising for non-profits,
joining parent groups,
moderating clubs,
artist management,
sharing lesson plans,
practicing italian,
career coaching,
business partnerships,
and designing pitch decks.
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