Timo Sand
  • @deiga
I am a full-stack developer with extensive experience in DevOps and a love for helping people grow. My passion is to make other peoples lives better with software. I have more than 11 years of experience in building software for companies ranging from very small businesses to large enterprises.

As a consultant, I have been involved in various sized projects. As CTO I was responsible for building the base for the new Berlin offices operations, hiring great talent and acquiring business to sustain it. As an Engineering Manager, I want to foster a culture which encourages making mistakes and learning from them.

My strongest skillset is my holistic understanding of software and how it is built, i.e. the software development lifecycle. My years as a full-stack and DevOps consultant have given me the opportunity to acquire vast knowhow in how software teams run and how different solutions are built. I have had the privilege to work with a vastly wide range of technologies.

My aim is to get to use my skills in a company that has a societal or environmental impact. I'd like to utilize my full-stack as well as DevOps skills and continue developing my leadership. I am very fond of taking care of and mentoring people so a technical leadership role would suit me very well.

I value a communicative and strong workplace culture in companies that consider diversity and inclusion.
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