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Paulo Ferreira

Director & Creative Designer, Brand / Graphic Designer, UI/UX & Web Designer, Digital Marketing Manager, Photographer, Audiovisual and multimedia producer on Madeira Island in Portugal. As a freelancer, I work with people of different ethnicity, startups, established companies and creative agencies from around the world.📣 I AM INSPIRED, FOCUSED, DEDICATED, ORIGINAL, ANIMATED AND CREATIVE. CONSTANTLY LOOKING FOR NEW CHALLENGES AND NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO CREATE, COMMUNICATE AND INVOLVE BRANDS WITH ENTHUSIASM.FROM BRIEFING TO PRODUCTION, I ESTABLISH A RIGOROUS WORK METHODOLOGY, WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF CREATING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS, PROVIDING EXPERIENCES THAT ACHIEVE CUSTOMER LOYALTY.With more than 9 years of multidisciplinary experience in the world of design, I have always dedicated myself to apprehend design in several areas and its constant evolution over the years.My main skills are the commitment and daily effort to the goals of my professional entity. I strive daily to successfully fulfill all the objectives that are proposed to me. Creativity and honesty are at the heart of everything I do.🎯 I constantly look for new challenges and new opportunities to create, communicate and engage brands with enthusiasm.💊 I am available for any clarification.

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