Wrote TypeScript
Implemented a GraphQL API
Deployed to AWS
Designed a data model
As part of a fixed-scope, fixed-term, fixed-cost contract I joined the engineering team of a pre-seed Startup to build out the infrastructure and backend for a mobile app. My main responsibility was bootstrapping and implementing a new node-based GraphQL service using NestJS and TypeORM to manage and access the database. This included regular syncs with the frontend engineer to align the data model and API to the needs of the mobile app.

As the project progressed, I also implemented Stripe Payments, backend observability with honeycomb, continuous deployment of the backend service into AWS Fargate, continuous build and deployment of the react-native based app through expo, and a number of data import and ETL jobs to seed the database.

Technologies used: TypeScript, yarn, node, NestJS, TypeORM, postgres, Honeycomb, AWS (CodeBuild, ECS, Fargate, ECR, Secrets Manager, IAM), react native, expo, CI/CD