Completed the course Learn SQL for Beginners - How To Learn SQL The Easy Way on 02/02/2023 as taught by Todd McLeod, Daniel Hoffmann on Udemy.
Watched TechWorld with Nana's beginner course on Go
Completed MIT's The Missing Semester of Your CS Education
Attended How to be a Successful Software Engineer after Graduation with In Time Tec
Updated my Logo/Branding!
Completed the course Build and Deploy Machine Learning App in Cloud with Python on 08/04/2022 as taught by Data Science Anywhere, Srikanth Gusksra on Udemy.
Attended Codementor's How to Land Your Dream Job at an In-Demand Tech Company
Finally completed and happy with my portfolio website!
Completed the course Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming on 07/24/2022 as taught by Al Sweigart on Udemy.
Completed the course Mastering TypeScript - 2022 Edition on 07/11/2022 as taught by Colt Steele on Udemy.
Attended Software Engineering Beyond Bootcamp: Skills for The Real World Meetup
Completed FreeCodeCamp's Front End Development Libraries course
Completed the course React Front To Back 2022 on 04/29/2022 as taught by Brad Traversy on Udemy.
Continuing my journey on getting more experienced with the Linux ecosystem by completing the NDG Linux Essentials course by Cisco's Net Academy
Completed the course MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js on 06/30/2022 as taught by Brad Traversy on Udemy.
I finally manged to complete Harvard's CS50 Introduction to Computer Science! A huge thank you to the team at CS50, David J. Malan and Brian Yu for providing such a valuable resource for free. #com...
Started my journey to mastering the Linux ecosystem with the courses by Cisco's Net Academy
Completed the course Learn Tailwind CSS Build Your Own Portfolio + Cool Projects as taught by Mohammad Kily on Udemy.
Completed the course Complete React Developer in 2022 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) on as taught by Andrei Neagoie, Yihua Zhang, Zero To Mastery on Udemy
Switched to Fedora 34 as my developer operating system
Thank you to all the folks at @_buildspacefor providing such a valuable resource into learning how to interact with the Ethereum network and working with smart contracts. https://zip.sc/XSE2N
A huge thank you to the Artificial Intelligence Office, UAE and all their partners for offering AI Camp 3.0 for those interested in artificial intelligence. The National Program for Coders, UAE is ...
Attended Next 50 Coding Workshop
Contributed to microsoft/electionguard-python
Contributed to microsoft/electionguard-python
Contributed to Pycord-Development/pycord
Completed the course Git from Basics to Advanced: Practical Guide for Developers as taught by Andrii Piatakha on Udemy
Completed the course The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 on 09/09/2021 as taught by Rob Percival, Codestars by Rob Percival on Udemy
Contributed to google/go-github
Completed the course The Web Developer Bootcamp 2021 on 09/01/2021 as taught by Colt Steele on Udemy.
Contributed to pandas-dev/pandas
Contributed to optuna/optuna
Contributed to mattermost/focalboard
Completed DevOps with GitHub Actions
Contributed to optuna/optuna
Contributed to ToolJet/ToolJet
Contributed to elastic/kibana
Contributed to wagtail/wagtail
Completed IBM's Blockchain Foundation Developer Course
Completed IBM's Blockchain Essentials Course
Launched client website Tanmu
Contributed to BitcoinDesign/Guide
Completed Influencer Marketing Hub's - How To Build Your Personal Brand On TikTok
Contributed to numba/numba
Completed the Fast Tracked Programmer Program Open Source Challenge #1 Awards: • Biggest Issue Closer • Biggest Bug Fixer • Biggest Overall Fixer • 2 Pull Requests in Hall of Fame
Completed Semrush's Backlink Management Exam
Completed Semrush's Keyword Research Exam
Contributed to apache/shardingsphere
Completed Semrush's SEO Fundamentals Course and Exam
Completed FreeCodeCamps Responsive Web Design
Contributed to vuestorefront/vue-storefront
Application to join Chingu accepted
Started DevOps with GitHub Actions Lab
Contributed to pymc-devs/resources
Contributed to petgraph/petgraph
Contributed to pandas-dev/pandas
Contributed to FoundationDB/fdb-kubernetes-operator
Contributed to brave/brave-core
Contributed to secretlint/secretlint
Contributed to firstcontributions/first-contributions
Joined the Fast Tracked Programmer Program
Completed Stanford Code in Place Course and submitted Final Project
Application to Stanford's Code in Place Accepted
Participated in Hacktoberfest 2019
Attended Beginner Wednesdays - FREE Coding Workshop Meetup
Attended JavaScript - Build a Green Browser Extension Meetup
Attended Use GitHub to Contribute to an Open-Source Project Meetup
Attended Learn the Foundations of Programming in Go Meetup
Attended Developer Cloud Summit: UAE 2021 Meetup
Attended Modern Day Web App Development : React JS Crash Course Meetup
Attended Online Meetup: Intro to IBM Blockchain Platform 2.0-Build your own insurance app Meetup
Attended IBM Developer Day 3.0 Meetup
Attended Intro to Blockchain Technology Meetup
Attended IBM Developer Day 2.0 Meetup
Attented Journey To Become A DevOps/Cloud Professional Meetup
Last day of GITEX 2019, saw a ton of great innovations in technology! A massive number of booths were housed in every exhibition hall. Overall a fantastic experience, looking forward to the next on...
I attended two of AWS' online seminars recently, AWSome day and Innovate, and got my certificates of attendance. Got a lot of exposure to the AWS cloud environment and saw a ton of use cases in bot...
Completed Datacamp's Data Manipulation with pandas
Completed Datacamp's Data Types for Data Science in Python
Completed Datacamp's Introduction to Data Science in Python course
Finished the CSS Basics, Applied Visual Design and Applied Accessibility topics in the Responsive Web Design track on freeCodeCamp today
Met up with the local Microsoft Developer Group for a demo on Serverless apps using CosmosDB and Azure functions. It was great to see the single digit latency as a result of having data centers in ...
Attended an IBM Developer Day in Dubai today, the topic covered was Microservices, I learned a lot about using them, as well as other major technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Open-Shift and I...
Went to the Amazon DevOps game day in Dubai, didn't manage to win but learned a lot about using AWS technologies in practical cases, oh and some free stuff too! #AWS #DevOps #devopsdays #Dubai
Super happy to be able to visit the AWS office in Dubai to attend a workshop of Machine Learning. There was a code-lab on using AWS to create a simple chat bot. I learned a lot about the technologi...
Started Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy
Completed Learn Command Line Course on CodeAcademy
Completed Responsive Design Course on CodeAcademy
Completed HTML Course on CodeAcademy
Started Web Development Track on CodeAcademy
Created DeviousLab brand, and my developer journey!