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Dima Khan

  • @dikhan
  • Ex-McKinsey, founder of Care - leadership platform and assessment
  • Lisbon, Portugal
Hey folks!

I’m the founder of Care and a former consultant at McKinsey&Company.

I am passionate about healthy habits, wellbeing and happiness at work. We are building the world-class AI-product for remote teams who want to maximize happiness along with performance

🙏 My mission 
To help humanity live longer, happier and more fulfilled lives by navigating people through the best available knowledge and practices.

🚀 As a CEO of Care:
- I talk remote teams and understand what they need to be happier and perform better. I love helping startup leaders and HRDs do their job easier 
- I bring best-practices and expertise out of McKinsey and leading companies to create innovative product in HR and wellbeing space
- I lead a small remote team out of US, Europe, Ukraine and Russia who share a common vision - to create products that care

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