DJ'ed an event
Couple of hours I was throwing some bar mood tracks from Lenny Kravitz, Barry White, RHCP, Gang Starr - like mid tempo and funky, then at one point I hit play on La Bouche 'Be My Lover' track and then dancing started. Everyone on their feet and moving 2 hours non stop till the closing time. Lots of action. It's very rare to Dj a live event in these "stay safe, stay at home" times, so I'm very grateful for a brief moment I was breathing, grooving, doing careful selection of the tracks to play and lost a sense of time, it was all magical. Well the bar owners again wasn't maximum happy because when everyone is busy dancing the bar is less crowded. But well I did also a prime time slow tempo break music, but some already was in couple minutes was back on their feet dancing to these slow tunes. What a good vibes it was it just felt like home  to be at the decks amplifying all these emotions and good vibes. 🌪️