Moving flats, due 3 months

Moving flats
Balancing work and life
Landing Sunday in Nuremberg from Detroit after KubeCon NA presented me a letter from the new house owners - they need my rented flat, 3 months notice.

Real life chaos engineering, going crazy. Spotted a flat 1 mile away, my best friend's parent know the owner. Collected all orga/financial details (applying for a flat is worse than a job application in Germany), went there, made a good impression on Wednesday, signed the contract on Thursday, got the keys early on Saturday.

Started kitchen planning with IKEA with my best friends' help, ordering new furniture, organising a company for heavy moving stuff, starting to pack and move "smaller" things on my own.

Work tasks with 2 events did not stop; yet everyone is super supportive and remote async work enables me to focus on moving flats while delivering results async later.