Сергей Марченков
  • @dracat
Hi, I'm Sergei. Classically a sysadmin from a conservative Moscow company. 

I was born in Moscwo suburbian and have never been away for a long time. Schooled at school at schools then  leveled up some  industrial automation skill at Moscow Power Engineering Institute. I used to write some assembler stuff on DSP chips from TI, and done some unnecessary things, but then I fixed myself up and now I do IT infrastructure for the food.

At work I'm pull servers in racks, pull VLANs. I encourage users be calm  and reboot, and my colleagues to get something fancy into ifrastructure and keep calm

🗜️ I love making things: electronics, furniture, timberframes. Have fun with home IOT and BDSM. I watch anime, do DIY, fix broken things, write porn, model in 3D max, take pictures of ruins and resorts.
Homebody, though if I do start walking with my feet in the distance, you can't stop me.

📚 I only read porn and nonFiction. Sometimes TikTok for long-posts about serious stuff. 

Dreamed of working so hard to never work at the end. End life in a workshop house among machines and children. But the introduction to GTD made me stop dream such.

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Sep 2008 - Present

System Administrator, Crocus