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Dylan de Heer

If someone tells you they do not like peanut butter. Do you take peanut butter off the shelves? You do not! You ask them why they do not like peanut butter. They could have an allergy, or perhaps their back injury is keeping them from reaching for it on the shelves. Whatever the case is, companies are making decisions that seem rational, but are not, all the time. And that needs to change.

In a world that is rapidly shifting towards designing for ethics first, we need people that understand the value of working with emotions and empathy in mind. This is where I come in. You could call me a User Experience researcher, an Interface Designer, Product Owner, Design lead or Digital Product designer, but whatever you call me; my main goal is to help people build things that make them, and the people they are working for, happy.

I believe, strongly, that the single source of fuel for success is happiness. And that in order to achieve greatness we need to make sure that we are humble, take a step back, slow down, and look at what people need, rather than what they want.

I ask questions like, are you happy with the work you are doing right now? And, what does your typical day look like?

I can be a great asset to your teams, your target audience, and your stakeholders. And with that in mind, together with Thierry Emmery, we founded Square One. A well-trained, Digital Product Designer on-demand service. We integrate ourselves with your teams so that we can both benefit from sharing knowledge and responsibilities that will help your product(s) grow.
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