Exequiel Bonialian
  • @ebonialian
  • Marketing Manager | 𝐂𝐨𝐚𝐜𝐡 | Creator | CX & Remote Work Advocate |
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
I´m a Marketing & Branding strategies development specialist. I´ m a curious entrepreneur, with a restless spirit. If we talk about passions, mine is to learn.

My professional career began 15 years ago. In all the areas where I worked Iaccomplished to position myself as a point of contact and a key memberwithin the team.

All these challenges allowed me to gain a wide, collaborative, cross andstrategic vision of the business, and also an out of the box mindset.

Key words for work and for life: learn-innovate-passion.

🎙 I have a Podcast, which you can search for as "Tiempo de Emprender!" 

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📰I write a column titled Beta Mode on trends in business, tech and marketing in El Café Diario, an independent cooperative medium. You can read my articles in https://www.elcafediario.com/seccion/modo-beta/

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