Doron Erblich
  • @edoron
Experienced R&D Manager and CTO. Hands-on when needed. Led teams of all sizes in building the technology and products of multiple companies. Extremely versatile, entrepreneurial, a leader, and a good communicator. Working remotely for companies all over the world.

* Management of large teams, recruiting, software architecture, engineering and design, agile methodologies, hands-on developer
* Full stack web application developer (JavaScript/Node.js, Java, C#/.Net, PHP, SQL)
* Hardcore server, algorithms, embedded software developer (C/C++, Java, Assembly, Python)
* Mobile applications developer (native iOS, native Android, HTML5, React-Native)
* Distributed computing, big data architectures, SOA, micro-services, analytics, data warehousing
* Cloud computing, DevOps
* Reliability, scalability, and availability, software design, implementation, and testing
* Cyber-security, SaaS, AdTech, FinTech, IoT, EdTech, embedded, networking, moreā€¦
* Media, games, 3D/2D, augmented reality, virtual reality, video, audio, vision processing
* User Experience design, growth hacking
* Start-up expert
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