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Hnin Ei Ei Tun

Hello!  :wave: 

I'm EiEi! I've been in Talent Acquisition for the past 5 years and love every minute of my crazy journey of ups and downs! 

It's not a walk in the park but it's my kind of walk, of chaos and happy moments when my candidates get the roles they've earned and they're ultimately happy with, which brings prosperity to their lives and happiness to me. 

I do what I do because I believe in empowering people, regardless of backgrounds, ethnicity, wherever we come from, we deserve a life that's prosper, the life that brings growth for us. 

So that's my life mission. Of course working hands in hands with some of the stubborn headed hiring managers is part of my daily routine. I'm a big advocate for diversity in hiring. 
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1 day ago
Are you a data fellow enthusiast as much as I am? And no I'm not joking but working with data and supporting my work with data has made my work so much interesting than it was before!

Catch us at #datanatives event!

We'd be there from team @ Quix, would you be there to meet us? And possible join us? 


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