Head of Software Development, CareDocs
Sep 01, 2020

The Apprentice in Me

Introduced funded apprenticeship programs to the organisation and defined career portfolios (not career paths 🙄) for internal staff to transition into either software development, quality assurance or UX.

Why Apprenticeships ?

The long-term success and growth of any business is reliant on its team. Apprenticeships are an investment in your people, and therefore your business.

Nurturing young talent through apprenticeships develops brand loyalty, a valuable factor for any business. Likewise, developing existing team members creates an engaged workforce and a supportive environment.

  • Apprenticeships are structured training programs that allow anyone to train and work towards earning professional qualifications within a chosen industry or domain.

  • Earn while you Learn with all costs covered and an environment and support to apply what you learn to build up experience.

  • Upskill your workforce at all skill levels: Majority of the apprenticeship programs provide lifelong learning across all skill levels.