Head of Software Development, CareDocs
Jul 01, 2020

Monthly Blogs

Introduced monthly internal blogs to the organisation to create an open company culture and promote transparency across all departments.

The Development Department Blogs are titled Development Comms and included communications in regards to software products, releases, technical and non-technical articles.

The blogs were also used to introduce new starters, provide references to important documents, communicate workflows and process to the wider organisation in layman’s terms, praise and celebrate team and individual achievements, communicate about past and upcoming events (brown bag sessions, maintenance, etc) and more.

Blogging is a central way that we communicate with each other in the digital age - Atlassian

Even though I was writing the blogs, they were written in a style to be representative of the entire department without indicating the author.

The blogs typically included lots of pictures, memes and gifs to make it fun, and encourage all to read and consume the information.