Basic Information and Headline

Elina Shakhnovich

  • @elishahnovich
About Me
I’m the co-creator of Idu, an upcoming plant simulation game. I developed the game engine and the game itself in Rust simultaneously for over two years, in addition to helping with business strategy, game design, and copywriting. I’ve worked on all parts of a 3D game engine and all aspects of game development during this period. I’ve also worked on developing various artificial life and optimisation algorithms.

Before Idu, I worked in a small team as a firmware and IoT engineer, designing software in C and C++ for memory-constrained, real-time systems running on ESP32 and TI boards. I would work on all levels of the embedded and IoT stack: from cross-referencing schematics, soldering, and writing drivers, to design of multithreaded IoT backends, project planning, and research for yet-to-exist smart devices.

I’m currently studying for a Pure Mathematics BSc. Whereas I use a lot of mathematics in an applied sense in my work, pure mathematics brings a unique skillset to software development where one has to come up with novel solutions. Although I’m interested in mathematics for its own sake, understanding the “why” of mathematics and proof-writing skills aid in the design of new algorithms and tailor-made systems. Developing these skills throughout my studies enables mobility between different domains of the tech stack.
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