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Nathaniel Emodi

I'm currently founder & CEO at Sea Ranch Labs, a startup building at the intersection of crypto + social. 

I’m passionate about building scalable businesses around new ideas. My experience is in growth strategy, business development, data-driven decision making, and leading and developing high-performing teams. Previously I held leadership roles at DoorDash and Square, building the Caviar business from $50M to ~$1B in GMV. 

Importantly, I've held jobs as a cashier, graphic designer, dishwasher, sailor, event planner, waiter, market analyst, sales exec, coffee importer, consultant, bartender, marketer, movie extra, and tequila aficionado (not in order). All of which goes to say I put tremendous value on hard work, creativity, and relentless hustle, have always been fascinated by people, and get along with just about anyone.
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Mar 01, 2021
Mar 01, 2021
Excited to join Sea Ranch Labs as Founder/CEO! 🎉
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Founder/CEO, Sea Ranch Labs