Robin Enhorn
  • @enhorn
  • Senior iOS Developer @ PayPal Zettle Design System
  • Stockholm, Sweden
My “I’m old” rant:

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I made my first few websites during the 90s on a Macintosh Performa 6200, 75MHz and a 14.4k modem, wonderful learning experience getting things done on 8 megabytes of RAM. I have worked with iOS development since spring 2009, as well as everything between SQL-tinkering to frontend-fiddling.

I studied Computer & Systems Science at Stockholm University from 2005 to 2009, where my major was in Interaction Design due to my great interest in Human–computer interaction.

I like working in diverse cross functional teams where people are true to them selves and are good at the stuff I'm not; diversity of knowledge is a wonderful thing.

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