Produced and Hosted a Workshop on Zero-Shot Learning

Hosted an Event
Taught a workshop

Using LLMs to speed up the process of data-set curation.

​It can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to applying large language models (LLMs) to your machine learning workflow. Machine learning professionals and data scientists have been using LLMs in their workflow to improve the quality of the datasets used for curation through zero-shot learning.

​Join Data Scientist in Residence Jimmy Whitaker and Sr. Developer Community Advocate Erin Mikail Staples as they break down what zero-shot learning is and how it can be used within your machine learning workflow to create a more efficient process.

​This workshop is for you if:

- You're curious about how to get started working with LLMs in your ML workflow

- you're interested in how to improve the efficiency and integrity of your datasets

- You're curious to know more about zero-shot learning and its application.

​The workshop will be streamed live online, offering space and time for questions during the session and offering assets and resources to take home afterward.