Eugene Suntsov

Good afternoon!😊
Until recently, I was developing a personal online store of 3D printed products. However, over the past year, I have realized that my technical skills and knowledge need to be developed.
Among my strong hard skills, I would call the ability to work with big data both at an advanced level in Excel and in individual programs (Orange machine learning, R).
Since my hobby is 3d printing, I am well versed in CAD programs. During his studies at the university, he developed the official website of the student Council (WordPress, JavaScript, SQL, css/html).
The first education gave knowledge of BPMN, IDEF, ARIS, TRIZ 🙃 . The second is a bit of sql, nosql, machine learning, the basics of cryptographic protection.
I would be glad if you are interested in my background.
Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Volunteer of the Makers vs COVID.
The winner is UMNIK 2020-The program is aimed at supporting commercially oriented scientific and technical projects of young researchers.
Finalist of the VTB nominal grant.
Manager of the School of IT solutions-accelerator of IT projects for schoolchildren of the company "KROK ""School of IT solutions" / ASI flagship project.
I'm developing a robot with a plasma cutter.
I am developing my online store of 3D-printed fandom / cosplay paraphernalia.
Волонтёр движения “Мейкеры против COVID”. Мы помогаем врачам. Победитель гранта УМНИК 2020. Финалист именного гранта ВТБ. Менеджер Школы IT-решений - акселератор ИТ-проектов для школьников компании «КРОК». Автор статей опубликованных, например, в Naked Science, edurobots.

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I'm open to Volunteering.


Apr 20, 2020
Apr 20, 2020
Started a new role at Telegram
Started a new role at Trello
Customer development
Team Management
Design thinking
+ 3
CROC, IT-company, Moscow 
IT Project Manager Duties:
🔵 Design thinking;
🔵 Customer development;
🔵 Agile project management;
🔵 Prototyping and Testing Techniques;
🔵 Team management.
Mar 03, 2020
Mar 03, 2020
Started a new role at Telegram
Responsible innovation
Started a new role at Trello
+ 1
Makers vs COVID-19, medical devices, Moscow 
Volunteer, support, maker Duties:
🔵 Chat support;
🔵 Preparation for 3D printing of files;
🔵 Interaction with other makers, translators and manager.
🔵 Hospitals received over 3,500 face shields and mask holders free of charge during the pandemic.


Jul 03, 2017
Jul 03, 2017
Created an online store
Launched an online store
Responsible innovation
Printed a 3D model
Onboarded a CAD Engineer
Made a DIY project
+ 4

Okylot Cosplay, интернет-магазин дизайнерских изделий ручной работы.

Apr 12, 2017
Apr 12, 2017
Worked with Wordpress
Used SQL
Used Html
Created a CSS art
+ 2
Объединенный совет обучающихся, Perm Junior Web-developer
🔵 Installing and configuring WordPress and SQL engine;
🔵 Security Configuration (site indexing configuration, https, ssl, protection against brute force login / password);
🔵 Configuring SEO (pixels Facebook and vk, Yandex metrics, Google Analytics);
🔵 Interaction with photographers and editors.
🔵 Increase in site traffic from 0 to 200 people per day.
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