Eugene Suntsov
  • @evgeniisuncov
  • Russia, Perm
Good afternoon!😊
Until recently, I was developing a personal online store of 3D printed products. However, over the past year, I have realized that my technical skills and knowledge need to be developed.
Among my strong hard skills, I would call the ability to work with big data both at an advanced level in Excel and in individual programs (Orange machine learning, R).
Since my hobby is 3d printing, I am well versed in CAD programs. During his studies at the university, he developed the official website of the student Council (WordPress, JavaScript, SQL, css/html).
The first education gave knowledge of BPMN, IDEF, ARIS, TRIZ 🙃 . The second is a bit of sql, nosql, machine learning, the basics of cryptographic protection.
I would be glad if you are interested in my background.
Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Volunteer of the Makers vs COVID.
The winner is UMNIK 2020-The program is aimed at supporting commercially oriented scientific and technical projects of young researchers.
Finalist of the VTB nominal grant.
Manager of the School of IT solutions-accelerator of IT projects for schoolchildren of the company "KROK ""School of IT solutions" / ASI flagship project.
I'm developing a robot with a plasma cutter.
I am developing my online store of 3D-printed fandom / cosplay paraphernalia.
Волонтёр движения “Мейкеры против COVID”. Мы помогаем врачам. Победитель гранта УМНИК 2020. Финалист именного гранта ВТБ. Менеджер Школы IT-решений - акселератор ИТ-проектов для школьников компании «КРОК». Автор статей опубликованных, например, в Naked Science, edurobots.

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