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Hi! I’m a programmer, engineer, and musician interested in creating useful tools and new experiences....  
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What Evan's working on

What Evan's working on


Jun 04, 2021
Jun 04, 2021
Released a game
Participated in a game jam
Used C#
Using Unity3D
+ 2
My submission for the Chain Letter Jam is out! Chains & Chars is a game where you swing around on hooks to collect coins. It is easy to learn but hard to master.

I learned a lot while working on Chains & Chars:
  • This was my first time using the Shapes vector library by Freya Holmér
  • It was a challenge navigating platform-specific bugs, as Unity does not officially support WebGL on mobile
  • I am particularly proud of my solution for picking the nearest pivot during gameplay. At the beginning of every level, I generate an n-d tree with positions of all the pivots. When the player clicks, the n-d tree quickly returns the closest pivot to the player. The bulk of the computation is already done before physics starts. This way the game can avoid potential slow-downs from brute forcing through many pivots.
There is more I want to learn and improve:
  • The tutorial animation is choppy and definitely can be implemented a better way
  • In watching my friends play, I learned they were unsure how to pass the levels. It was not obvious to read the background text in the levels. I think this can be improved with more tutorial animations at the beginning of the game.

Questions, critique, and suggestions are welcome!
Apr 06, 2021
Apr 06, 2021
Published a module to PyPI
Used Python
Contributed to open source
Building accessibility tool
Edited a video
+ 3

Published my first python module to the Python Package Index!

Have you ever become impatient with the speed of a video lecture or tutorial? Do you find fast playback speeds unintelligible?
VWRT automatically edits silent portions of videos to be faster, thereby shortening overall video length while maintaining clarity in information-rich clips.
Jan 24, 2021
Jan 24, 2021
Won a hackathon
Learning javascript
Launched a Browser Extension
Building accessibility tool
Edited a video
Started learning React
+ 4
For QWER Hacks '21, I partnered with Vincent Spitale and Olivia Heiner to create an a11y tool for photosensitive users. The extension inverts luminosity of videos in browser while maintaining the original hue. We won 2nd place in the education track!

This was my first time touching JavaScript and I learned a lot from my teammates. I also edited our pitch video.


Jun 01, 2020
Jun 01, 2020
Started a new role at SmartAnalyst
Started an internship
Used Python
Coordinated with internal stakeholders
Standardized an internal process
Discovered User Pain Point
+ 4
Began internship at SmartAnalyst. I built a custom search tool to speed-up Data Analyst workflows using pandas and Tkinter in python. I also assisted with automating data re-formatting tasks. I learned a lot about working with stakeholders to find pain points in a workflow.
Internal Tools Developer Intern, SmartAnalyst


Dec 25, 2019
Dec 25, 2019
Cited in a Paper
Wrote a Research Paper
Interviewed a CEO
Took a course
Learned a new skill
+ 3

Time to take Silicone out of Silicon Valley

For my final project for my Materials Engineering class, I conducted an eco audit on silicone earbud tips and proposed a bioplastic elastomer as a material substitution. According to my estimation, switching to a biodegradable material could prevent up to 4.1 metric tons of waste each year from going into landfills. The calculations are based on generous assumptions about the global earphones market, but it is still helpful to have an upper bound.

Also in writing this paper I learned to use the AsciiDoc format.

Cited by Audio-Technica AU in 2021 internal product proposal
Aug 01, 2019
Aug 01, 2019
Left a role at Genesis Research
Ended my journey as Value Evidence Intern at Genesis Research!
Value Evidence Intern, Genesis Research
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