User Research
Created product roadmap
Achieved 1st rank in another design subject! Uni is a lot easier when you've passed your use by date... 

Appalled by the amount of plastic waste used in Meal Service Providers (like Marley Spoon, HelloFresh, and almost everyone else in the game), Rafe and I decided to innovate the model. 

We recognized that packaging was the most critical touchpoint in the user journey as a majority of complaints are received about the quality of products received e.g smashed, rotten goods.  Hence, we found it rather perplexing that no one had leveraged this as a tool to differentiate (considering everyone uses cardboard boxes and plastic wraps). 

We created a new provider which provided high-quality ingredients in premium packaging without extra cost. How? We realized the unit economics level out if you reduce the menu size, and only source seasonal goods which are often cheaper and fresher. 

Here's a glimpse into our service, Turnup.