Arturo Dominguez
  • @extremearturo
Anti-racist and journalist exploring the intersection of politics and race in provocative ways. My goal is to bridge the gap between academia and the streets covering equality, justice, immigration, police misconduct, mental health, and more.

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My current project, The Antagonist Magazine, is a publication designed to elevate marginalized voices and their allies. The idea is to fund it through sales from the merch store and through donations but I'm not quite there yet. I want content creators to be paid for their work. Our Medium publication features tons of great writers.

My work has been featured on Latino Rebels, Momentum, AfroSapiophile, Cultured, An Injustice!, Enclave Magazine, and various other outlets. I've been cited/quoted by MSM and have been a featured guest on podcasts and have done live segments covering, race, politics, racial justice, critical race theory, history, and Latino counter-culture in the United States.

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