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Welcome aboard

2021 is gone. There were many key moments beyond Covid that I'd like to write down, but I'll share my Bixlabs experience. 

Last year I started to work at Bixlabs as Ruby on Rails developer. The recruitment process and interview were very challenging. But the real story begins in the on-boarding process.

the story
After a warm welcome, I went into my first meeting with the responsible for work environment & culture. I've got amazed when she started to talk about 'community' and how they care about keeping a healthy work environment. Next I had a meeting with HR representative to talk about the company, code of conduct and my professional growth. As a well-grounded Human Resources specialist, she had planned my on-board first week and next 2 months. She promised to be along with me as support for any concern I had. (She kept the promise)  Finally, I had a technical meeting where the responsible was very precise in explain me: the project, my activities and the key-people I will meet in my daily work day. But also he promised me his support in every moment. (He kept his promise)

Because of the remote thing in our business, I thought we were done and I'd never hear about them after those meetings... I was wrong. They had a complete on boarding plan to help me to succeed:

  • Yes, we had follow-up but they were comfortable relaxed meetings. where we talk in an open and safe environment about any concern I had in this process. (Confidence/Trust)
  • When I got Covid, they called me to wish a speedy recovery and offer  all their support. (Empathy)
  • My English-speaking was rusty and I got worried about it. Well, my team-mates organized a regular 30 minutes off-topic meeting to help me to practice and gain confidence. (Kindness)
  • They led me to relax about the trial period and think about there's no failures when we work with passion.
  • Yes we had a group session to talk with other company members. I could share the values and principles this beautiful community has. 
  • I had regular training sessions.
  • In order to help me in the adaptation period, they set achievable goals for almost 2 months.
After my trial period, I felt (still feeling so) like a winner. I'm in and I have a place into the community.

A month has passed since then, I've analyzed every step I made. What did Bixlabs do good?  So I summarize it below:

  • The information they provided me was concise and precise.
  • They opened a permanent communication via (and they made sure I know).
  • No-shame/No-judgments.
  • They helped me to embrace the process and enjoyed it.
  • They celebrate along with me each winning.
  • We take care of each other.
It is possible that many brilliant people get disappointed and give up of their job, some of them replace a good place to work for a better salary (no matter if they choose a toxic environment). But there are people that find out a good place to work  and stay to nurture office culture. The magic happened when the company does a good on-boarding work, when the process is designed for people,  not resources. 

 I hope you had a great on-boarding experience just like  me.