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Fady Ismaeel

I'm person with passion to dream and success 
Music, Coffee and Photography are the secret ingredients for who I'm. So Hello
Now, let me tell you about me professionally.
Agility, corporate goverance, innovation and entrepreneurship are my driving passion and expertise. I have experienced and witnessed how these disciplines transform people and organizations.
I work with business leaders, entrepreneurs and organizational teams to create proper eco-systems integrating change management, leadership and strategy to shape organizational agility and digital transformation.
I am lucky to have a diversified experience in both of governmental and private sectors, leading several functional teams and projects at strategic and implementation level utilizing analytical, executive coaching and managerial skills to achieve the strategic objectives and it is related business benefits.
I am also proud that as part of being a business development mentor, I helped many startups in my region and was able to bring value to their business models as well as their interpersonal and leadership skills.
I'm a host for Radio Program about Business Agility in Cairo Business Radio

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