Operating system
Started using Linux

Installed Fedora OS on a Virtual Machine coz why the hell not?

How did I get here?
Windows 11 got boring. Fedora seemed interesting. I installed fedora. It's that simple.
It has kind of always been my dream to install a new operating system running alongside Windows just so I could show off. When I finally got my hands on a VM software, I downloaded Ubuntu - Linux, used it for a few hours to set it up and all, and turned it off forever.
Then I tried downloading Mac OS. Spent like 1 week trying to get it installed. Failed miserably at it. Decided to never try doing that again.
One month later, spent another week or so trying to install Mac OS, yet again failed at it miserably and this time decided for real not to try installing it again.
Then decided to install Windows 7 to see how far technology has evolved. Made my gaming PC cry to death during the setup. Decided never to do that again either.
A few days later, today, I downloaded Fedora Linux 36 Workstation OS.

Visually pleasing. Much like Windows except-
- It doesn't have the Windows Logo (DUH?!).
- It doesn't have the ICONIC start button.
- It's not as resource-consuming.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.
Good: It's more efficient, less battery consuming, and more than the expected number of applications are compatible with it. I also like the visual aspect of the OS, it's very basic and yet detailed. Utility-wise it has everything that the Windows taskbar has (Calendar, Weather, Volume, etc). Their multitasking options are very advanced and, I would say better than Windows. They also by default give you an Office Suite
Bad: As good as it is, it's design is a bit too basic compared to Windows. Already opened applications are comparatively difficult to open since their icons are not visible on the taskbar. Alt+Tab works which is a plus point. They don't have an option to display application shortcuts on the desktop. The desktop is plain, simple, and slightly boring. You must not forget that though Fedora gives you an Office Suite, the Suite they chose is Libre Office, one of the most outdated Suites of the era.
Ugly: Shifting from Windows, it's really hard to ignore the fact that Fedora is more CLI based compared to Windows (some may say it isn't as complicated as other CLI-based OS like UNIX or MS-DOS, but for an average user, it indeed is complicated). Installing daily use applications requires you to know some commands of the command line which is slightly inconvenient.

Do I see myself using this as my secondary Operating System?
No, nothing is as good as Windows. It's way too good to be replaced by anything. Aside from that, the Virtual Machine Application I'm using has some audio glitches that make it impossible to watch a video or listen to music. The virtual machine application also causes a lot of my battery to drain out. So overall I don't see myself using it as a secondary operating system. 

BUT, if you are someone who is willing to get a good (and free) operating system that works on their very old pc, then Ubuntu or Fedora would do wonders for you. You could easily get the latest version of either of the two operating systems for free and have them working at the highest speed. 

If you are someone who has Windows and are planning to make a shift to Fedora or Ubuntu only for its looks, I would suggest against doing so unless you've tried it on your virtual machine before and are really willing to make the change.