New Simulator

I got my hands on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Old Sim: X Plane 11

Opinions: Obviously, visually, MSFS2020 is far ahead of XP11. Satellite images are installed by default in MSFS2020. However, I prefer the User Interface of XP11 more than MSFS2020. I am finding it difficult to adjust with the new user interface. The standard version consumed more storage (w/o addons) than XP11.

My Permanent Flight Simulator?

As of now, yes. I do not plan on shifting back to XP11 anytime soon. Although I absolutely loved the ZIBO Mod 737-800 NG and the User Interface of XP11, I just do not have enough time to make a shift again to another simulator. This, and the fact that after installing the absolute necessary plugins in XP11, the storage consumed is more or less equal to that of MSFS2020, I would prefer sticking to the more beautiful looking Flight Simulator. The PMDG 737-800 would be the substitute for ZIBO Mod 737-800 NG in MSFS2020.