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Fannie Gunton

The intersection in time, space, and humanity between Web Development, Game Production, Writing, and Interior Design. The strengths and skills that go from one to another are more obvious than you might think! 

I am not what I am. I am what I do with my hands. 
- Louise Bourgeois

Creating, making, and storytelling are at the core of everything I do. In my past life, I enabled the creations of others. Today, I carve out the space for my own. 

I also care a whole lot about people treating each other well at work and during projects. Good planning and communication is at the heart of how we work well together, and I like to dig into how to do both better. Big proponent of fully-embraced Agile and any other form of radical honesty in the workplace.

Catawba Indian. The oldest millennial. Always seeking  nuance, a fresh insight, and the full story.
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Oct 05, 2021
Oct 05, 2021
I did a live Q&A with Scott Galloway back in the spring, and it finally went live... on CNN!

If you're also on your 2nd (or 3rd or more!) career, this one's for you. His thoughts and advice really landed with me and offered some great outside perspective.


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