Filipe Lima

I am not just a marketing guy.

I am also a very optimistic and engaging person, with an entrepreneurial mind and an artistic soul. I trust in the mix of knowledge and feeling to make decisions and tell stories. I am happier when I am creating :)

I have recently graduated in a Digital marketing MSC at Dublin business School and this was the second biggest step I took after moving to Dublin in 2016. I count on 7+ years of experience and knowledge in managing businesses, which includes, customer service (B2B & B2C), marketing, and financial projects in this pack. I am proud to create strategies and developing projects from scratch, making the business I have managed, with my associates, successful. 

What my next step is?
 I want to help brands in creating and developing their digital marketing strategies at every level of their companies, using the tools and experience I have acquired through the years to create mind-blowing content, talking precisely to their customers. 

You can find me on the number +353 083 1868256, email:, and on the most relevant social media channels as the one and only @filipelima.

More skills?
I am an active listener and quick learner motivated to simplify solutions. Very communicative, organised, and dynamic person, with extended knowledge on dealing with people in the most diverse situations. Flexible to work in multiple projects and multi-task with different departments thrive in a rapidly evolving environment and when dealing with strict timelines.
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