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Florian Meier

Copywriting, content and SEO: For almost 8 years I have been dealing with these topics on a daily basis for B2B and B2C clients*, helping brands and companies to communicate the right message at the right time on the right platform.


Once started as a classic copywriter in e-commerce, I've now been at home in the agency world for 6 1/2 years. After spending the first few years working on and implementing fairly classic long and short copy formats - which I continue to do, of course - I have focused on five core areas that are increasingly digital:

- Copywriting/Texts
- SEO Consulting & SEO Management
- Content Marketing (SCOM Framework)
- Inbound Marketing
- Content Design/Content Architecture


I have maintained websites with different content management systems (TYPO3, Shopware, Wordpress etc.), am proficient in various SEO tools (Sistrix, SEMrush, searchmetrics, Google Search Console etc.) and have also completed numerous advanced training courses (certified Content Marketing Manager, Sistrix-TOOLBOX et cetera). Thanks to my daily agency work I am used to interdisciplinary work and familiar with project management tools like Jira, Clickup and Co.

As a studied philosopher and Germanist I have besides analytical skills a high grammatical level. Accordingly, I also enjoy proofreading and editing.

As a private project, I also wrote and published my own children's book entitled "The Kusinusis in the Vegetable Patch".

But enough self-congratulation now:

If you're looking for someone who can not only analyze and proceed strategically, but at the same time master the successful and creative interplay of copywriting, content marketing and SEO – write to me.
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