Florian Meier
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Content marketing, digital marketing, SEO, AI and team leadership: I have been dealing with these topics for B2B and B2C customers every day for over 9 years and support brands and teams in delivering the right message at the right time on the right platform communicate.


Once I started out as an e-commerce copywriter, I was at home in day-to-day agency life for over 8 years. When I started with five people, visual understanding was almost 30 strong when I left - I was able to have a significant influence on this development. I then worked as a content lead (team leader) at DEPT in Berlin.

After spending the first few years developing and implementing classic long and short copy formats, I focused on five increasingly digital core areas:

- Copywriting/texting

- Generative AI

- SEO Consulting & SEO Management

- Content Marketing (SCOM Framework)

- Content Design/Content Architecture

- Brand development


I have created and maintained websites with different content management systems (TYPO3, Shopware, Wordpress, etc.), have mastered various SEO tools (Sistrix, SEMrush, searchmetrics, Google Search Console, etc.) and have completed numerous training courses (certified content Marketing Manager, SISTRIX Toolbox etc.). I prefer to get new input from colleagues, through conferences, webinars, seminars, podcasts and specialist literature.

Thanks to my daily agency work, I am used to independent and interdisciplinary work and am familiar with project management tools such as Jira, ClickUp and Co. When it comes to copywriting, I like to use tools such as iA Writer and Ulysses, but I can also work with Word, Pages and TextEdit .


I've been interested in learning and trying out language since school. Initially it took me to various universities, where I studied German and philosophy, before ultimately driving me into the agency world. I still benefit from my analytical and linguistic skills. Accordingly, texts end up on my table for proofreading and proofreading. But language is not just a set of rules and theory - hence the wonderfully agile and varied agency work. As a private project, I also designed, wrote and published my own children's book: "The Kusinusis in the Vegetable Patch."


I am an emphatic, humorous, team-loving person with integrity who is analytical, imaginative, critical and reliable.

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Feb 2015 - Present

Copywriter & SEO Specialist & Content Marketing Manager (certified), visuellverstehen