Florian Winhart

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  • Eyelevel alters perspectives.
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  • Landau, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Human-oriented, manyfold-interested, well-trained consultant and coach; entrepreneur and founder
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Founder, Consultant, Coach

  • Piri-Piri Consulting
  • May 2020 - Present


Nov 18, 2021
Nov 18, 2021
Hosted a Roundtable at DevRelCon
Just hosted a roundtable via Zoom on "How much evolutionary purpose is possible in the german healthcare system".
Inspiring insights from Alexander Herr and Regina Reeb-Faller from Systelios Klinik (www.systelios.de) on such topics as self-organization in teams, dealing with Corona-induced hygiene measures and more.
Thank you all for your inspiring thoughts and questions!
Nov 04, 2021
Nov 04, 2021
Facilitated a Workshop
Just about to facilitate third group in a row of leadership workshops. Always appreciate the exchange about posiibilities to bring models, tools and theories into practice.
Oct 27, 2021
Oct 27, 2021
Hosted a workshop
With the aid of a "string" of #liberatingstructures, we hosted a session on #resilience, #autonomy and #limits - for personal development, relationship building and professional performance.

Thank you all for your personal contributions to a rich, deep and meaningful evening!

Looking forward to our next sessions!

Oct 18, 2021
Oct 18, 2021
Finished paper
Just finished the paper (handout) for a leadership workshop in november. Now for the next one on aspectks of communication...
Oct 07, 2021
Oct 07, 2021
Coached a CEO
Feeling humble and delighted to coach this CEO. Always a pleasure to see people grow to their potential...
Sep 10, 2021
Sep 10, 2021
Enrolled for a new course
Just enrolled in edX Harvard's "u-lab", a mooc on Otto Scharmers Theory U. Really excited and curious about the next weeks...
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