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Sep 15, 2021
Speaking Engagement
Workit & Colorado Products Present Product AMA with Fonz Morris
Aug 10, 2021
Speaking Engagement
CCA IxD | Design Lecture Series

Gave a talk about to some junior UX design students about:

What is Growth Design? Why is it important? Skills needed to be successful in Growth Design 
Aug 10, 2021
Speaking Engagement
Confirmed I will be speaking at the highly respected HOW DESIGN LIVE conference about Growth Design at Netflix in October!
Aug 10, 2021
Speaking Engagement
Confirmed I will be speaking about working on the NETFLIX Growth Design team at The Black is Tech Virtual Conference. 
Aug 10, 2021
Speaking Engagement
Participated in the Brainstation Power Hour.  Spoke to new UX and graduating students about my journey into Product Design, what is Growth Design and what it's like to work on the Growth team at Netflix.  
Jul 30, 2021
Delivered a talk about career growth
Navigate Challenges and Level up Your Product Design Career
Crossing the threshold of a mid-level designer into senior, lead, or management? Navigating a big change in your role as a senior product designer can be stressful.

In this two-part workshop series we will provide frameworks and methods to help you understand your skills, areas of improvement, and superpowers. We will break down the design leadership hierarchy, and teach methods and best practices to help you get clarity for the next steps in your career.
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Jul 14, 2021
Public Speaking
Spoke on Twitter Spaces
...followed shortly by another great Product Design panel within our 'Community Conversations' series. We want to hear from product design leaders on how Polywork is unique and helps them express their  professional identities online.

Come join us at 4pm ET today (July 14) at Twitter Spaces