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Right now, you can get in touch with me for a few things:
Full time roles

Forest Hoffman

I am currently searching for full-time and 100% remote opportunities. I am not open to relocation.

 As a self-taught engineer I have experience with a wide range of tech stacks and platforms. I am self-sufficient, reliable, and adaptable. That said, I particularly enjoy working on teams that have: a clear direction, excellent communication, and an eye for quality.

I am interested in:

  • 👍 Full-time positions
  • 👍 Remote first organizations
  • 👍 Engineer or Senior Engineer positions
  • 👍 Go, TypeScript, or Node
  • 👍 RESTful APIs
  • 👍 Microservices
  • 👍 Distributed systems
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I'm open to
full time roles.