Franck Pachot
  • @franckpachot
  • Lausanne, Switzerland
I'm passionate about all database, with 20+ years from dev to ops, from Oracle to PostgreSQL and now scaling to NewSQL distributed database YugabyteDBĀ  šŸš€

I chat (too much?) on Twitter, write on (old posts on dbi-services, medium,...), love to meet people at conferences

\c postgres://

ysqlsh (11.2-YB-
You are now connected to database "yb_demo_northwind" as user "franck".

  ( "Name", "Company", "Role" )
 as ( VALUES
  ( 'Franck Pachot','Yugabyte','Developer Advocate' )
 ) select KEY_VALUE.* from RELATIONAL
 , lateral jsonb_each_text(to_jsonb(RELATIONAL))
 with ordinality as KEY_VALUE(name,value,"#")
 order by "#";

  name   |       value        | #
 Name    | Franck Pachot      | 1
 Role    | Developer Advocate | 2
 Company | Yugabyte           | 3

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