May 03, 2021
Launched a product
Built a Team
Created a Product Roadmap
Released an Open Source Project
Wrote design specs
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I launched Autocomplete 🔮 – an open source, production-ready JavaScript library for building autocomplete experiences.

This is the work and research of more than a year spent on user experience, behaviors, design, architecture, platforms, renderers, framework or the lack of it, agnostic templating, and so on. It provides the tools to build great autocomplete experiences, or even creates the whole experience for you. You chose the granularity #DX.

You can use Autocomplete to reproduce interfaces like Google, Amazon, YouTube, but also command runners like Alfred.

It already powers DocSearch v3, the Algolia Docs search, and e-commerce websites you may have used this month.

I should write an entire blog post about Autocomplete, what a journey!

Check it out on GitHub, and read the documentation.