Eric Eisenhart
  • @freiheit
Located in Santa Rosa and not interested in commuting. Open for local (SoCo) positions, fully remote positions, or SF/EastBay positions with a day or two a month at the office. Not at all interested in moving to Silicon Valley or commuting into SF every day.

I solve problems and I quickly learn how to solve them in completely new environments.

At one job I jumped in feet first and helped design an assembly-line because that's what the project needed.  I don't expect to ever be involved in another physical assembly-line, but I definitely expect to be involved in unusual new things that I've never dealt with before.

Goals?  Keeping challenged and doing new interesting things. Working to give back to my field.

I'm currently working as a System Administrator, but I wouldn't mind getting back into programming again.

Central to all my last decade of work: "Infrastructure 2.0".  Automating provisioning and as much of systems management as is practical/possible.  Mostly with puppet. Aka "Infrastructure as Code" and/or "DevOps" style work.Just some guy, you know?
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Dec 2021 - Present

Senior System Engineer, Sonic

Oct 2003 - Nov 2021

Lead Linux Systems Administrator, Sonoma State University

Jan 2002 - Sep 2003

Internet Services Specialist, Santa Rosa Junior College