Gabriel Borja

I am engineer with a passion for Python programming and Data Science. I was born and raised in Ecuador, but moved to Norway in 2019. I speak Spanish, English, Norwegian and Italian. When I'm not at work, I devote myself to coding in Python, learning about the universe and looking for better ways to become more productive. I also love home made pizza and sourdough bread making. I am interested in growing my skills in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a focus on Microsoft Azure technologies.
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CI Engineer

  • Mondelez International
  • Sep 2020 - Present


Jan 08, 2022
Jan 08, 2022
Working on a coding project
Used Python
Learnt Python
Python Project
Programmed in Python
Coded in Python
+ 4
Working with Python 🐍 my Saturday morning 🙂 to build a program to parse emails 📧 for my next Data Science project 📊


Dec 10, 2021
Dec 10, 2021
Contributed to open source
Working with IoT
My first contribution to the Microsoft IoT for Beginners open source project on GitHub! 🥳
Dec 07, 2021
Dec 07, 2021
Learning Norwegian
I am happy to share that in 2021, I am in the top 1% of Norwegian (Bokmål) learners according to Duolingo!! 🦉💪🥳
Nov 27, 2021
Nov 27, 2021
Microsoft certified: Data Fundamentals
I am very excited to share that I have cleared the Azure Data Fundamentals certification [DP-900]!!! 🎉
I would like to thank all who has supported me along the way, especially to Azure User Group Sweden where I have felt welcome and united to learn about Azure and modern cloud technologies!! ☁️

Unleashing the power of data is one of my passions, and I am really looking forward to what comes next in my #cloudjourney!! 🚀
Nov 20, 2021
Nov 20, 2021
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
I am very happy to announce that I have completed my Microsoft certification in Azure Fundamentals [AZ-900] !! 🎉

It has been an amazing journey! Thank you all who supported me along the way!

Really looking forward to what comes ahead on my #cloudjourney!!! 🚀
Nov 17, 2021
Nov 17, 2021
Started learning Azure
Studying for a Microsoft Certification
Just joined a great session of AI42 about Advanced Analytics using Apache Spark in Azure Databricks! If you are curious about this powerful technology and its use cases you should definitely check out the following link:
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