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Gabriela Cabrera

Software Engineer with 4 years of experience in Operations.  During these years I was exposed to multiple enterprise software programs. Whether they focused on manufacturing or tax preparation, all of them had a major flaw, they were difficult to integrate with other technologies. In an attempt to connect the information silos created by these tools I started to get familiar with VBA, SQL and PowerBI. From there, my interest for software development grew and I enrolled in a Software Engineering Immersive program with General Assembly where I learned languages like JS and Python and multiple libraries and frameworks like Node, React and Django. I graduated having developed 4 high quality applications, each in under a week, and with the ability to research information effectively so I could continue growing my knowledge on my own. Since then, I built my own portfolio in React, took Mosh's Redux class, React Native and still take time to expand my knowledge. I am currently working on learning Angular.
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