Gagan Rayat

  • @gagan_rayat
  • Fitness Professional|Meditation Teacher|Account Executive
  • Auckland,New Zealand
I am a certified fitness professional and meditation teacher from Auckland, New Zealand.

Over the years, I have worked with organizations, individuals and assisted them in creating lifelong habits so they don't have to rely on hacks.

The name of my movement is No Hacks Just Habits #nohacksjusthabits which cover's 3 M's

• Movement

4 Steps:

1) Assessment - Assess the current movement and note down the compensations and limitations.
2) Mobility & Flexibility- Work through joint mobility, flexibility, and dynamic mobility.
3) Stability & Control - Restore proprioception, work on stability and neuromuscular control.
4) Strength Training -Now we work on muscular endurance, power, and strength.

• Manual Therapy–Soft tissues pliability, deep tissue sports massage and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching.

• Mindfulness–Correcting the breathing pattern, guided meditation and mindfulness.

I am also an IT graduate from Australia and New Zealand and work with inventory management software company Cin7 as an Account Executive.
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Jan 2017 - Present

Fitness Professional & Meditation Teacher, Gagan Rayat Fitness

Nov 2021 - Present

Account Executive , Cin7

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